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Make sure to read the FAQ to learn all of the inner workings of the game, strategies involved, how scores are calculated, and more.

Recent News

2020-04-13 19:48

Picks view update

After the episode has aired, if you view your picks, you'll now see your total points and which contestants were eliminated.
2020-04-11 14:01

Mobile Picks Update

When setting your picks on a mobile device, the select boxes will now automatically remove all of your other selections. This way you do not have to remember what scores you've set previously and scroll back and forth.
2020-04-03 20:00

Pick updates

You now have the ability to set your picks based on your previous week. When creating or editing your picks, hit the button labeled "Set based on last episode" to re-order them.
2020-03-27 20:00

User updates

Users can now set their own local timezone in their profile settings. All dates and times will automatically convert to your local timezone
2020-03-27 20:00

Pick updates

Desktop browser can now drag and drop their picks to re-order them instead of using select dropdowns.

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Coming soon

Contestant profiles

Will include tribes/teams, past seasons, etc...

Email results

After scores are updated, an email with your updated position(s) in your league(s) will be sent

Email option

When a new show is added, email the users to let them know.

Email option

When a new season is added for a show you've previously played in, send an email reminder

Setting picks across multiple leagues

When you are in multiple leagues for the same show, either being able to set your picks once and have it apply to all shows, or have a button that says import my picks from X league

Auto setting picks each week

When the new episode is created, this will automatically set your picks based on the previous week so that you don't accidentally miss a week.